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Credit Card Companies, Credit Reporting Agencies, Credit Repair Agencies, Banks, Lenders and Leasing Companies, Payment & Credit Card Processing

Sometimes a single word doesn't describe a product or service. Sometimes it takes a short phrase. Even for established companies additional funnel sites with longer phrase domains can be a lucrative investment. is a perfect example and it's available here. Contact us today for inquires on purchasing any of the domains below.


















When are long domain names more important?

We all know that Domains have an advantage in respect to SEO but it’s not the only factor. When deciding on a domain you need to choose a domain name that makes your website identifiable both to search engines and people.

Years ago, it was important for websites to have shorter domain names but not anymore. Most of the domain names you come across online are from links, search results, emails, social media and more. If you think about it, potential customers are just clicking.

The argument about longer domains being too long to type is no longer a relevant issue. 

Most people find sites through a Google search and click on the link. I’ve been an internet marketer for decades and every day I get phone calls from consumers. When I ask them to go to a url by typing it in it seems that the majority of the time they don’t find the website, even though it’s a short url. This is because their they don’t know the difference between an address bar and a search bar, or their address bar is being controlled by a browser plug-in that is redirecting using the address field for a search query instead. With that being the case you still wouldn’t find it unless through a Google search.

Longer domain names have their relevance. They are useful for websites about finance, insurance, animals, destination holidays, and other related terms. It appropriate to use instead of, and in this case instant credit approval gets right to the point.

The longer domain gives you the opportunity to include your important keywords in the URL and tell search engines what your site is about. The same applies to instead of a one work domain. Visitors know what to expect when they click on the URL.

The point is to choose a domain name that fits that is memorable and easy to remember and gets right to the point of what you offer.


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