owner pockets $150,000

Premium two work domain "" sells for $150,000.

According to Whois records at GoDaddy, the current registrant of appears to be a company called Ribacka Group Holding., a two word, EXACT MATCH, brandable premium domain name just sold at Sedo for an incredible $150,000 USD!

A similar premium domain was also just recently at for $487,000!

This domain is easy to remember, say, and spell...all qualities present in a premium domain.

It is also an exact match, which says all that need to be said for anyone interest in betting, gaming and odds associated with the gambling industry. This domain gets right to the point and I term that people can easily remember.

Future success belongs to those that understand the value of these critical assets. An absolute bargain compared to future valuations. Where will your company be in just a few years from now. Are you positioned to take advantage of the growth that a great premium domain name can deliver in your field of business, will you be left behind? Or, will you be one of the leaders that sees the value of a premium .com domain name.

Here are a few of the top features of this domain name that make it valuable:

  • It is a two word domain
  • It's super easy to say
  • It's easy to spell
  • It's easy to recall
  • It's an EXACT MATCH domain for huge online market segment

Premium domain names immediately set your organization apart, longer domains are great for slogins as well. That is the power of a premium domain name!


Congratulations to both buyer and, seller of this domain!


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